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A Sleepwalker's Nightmare

Chapter Four

___Jeff Randall held up his hands in weary defeat. "Alright, Marty. I'll try to find out who the bloke we saw get shot was..." he yawned into his hand.
___Hopkirk glared at him. "You can start by asking the bouncers in the club, Jeff. They say they didn't see anything, but they might know who the bloke was."
___"Oh, of course! The bouncers! I forgot all about them."
___For once, Marty didn't say anything other than: "Well, go and talk with them before you forget again, then!"

___The bouncers looked up as Randall entered and approached him slowly.
___"You got any ID?" the stocky one asked.
___"ID?" he laughed. "Do I look under age?"
___"Got quite a sense o' humour, hasn't he?" the taller one remarked.
___"Yeah. Maybe he needs a few lessons in when to be serious," Stocky remarked.
___Realising that they meant business, Jeff tried again. "Look, I didn't mean any harm. I'm just here about the bloke that was killed outside."
___"You could've said you were with the police!" The lanky one remarked. "We might've tossed you out. Only a certain type is welcome here."
___"Gangsters, probably," Marty's voice remarked from somewhere behind Jeff. "Come on, Jeff, start making your inquiries before they realise you're not a copper."
___Somewhat nervously, Randall began to ask questions. Or rather, he repeated the questions that Hopkirk put forward.
___"So... This man steps from a taxi outside the club..."
___"Taxi?" Lanky frowned. "I don't remember telling the police he was in a taxi..."
___"Me neither," agreed Stocky.
___"It's a hunch," Marty offered. "There was no car parked out there that might've belonged to him, so he must've had a lift or taken a taxi."
___Jeff repeated his statement with a feeling of relief. "But before he reached the club, he was shot down..."
___"Right," agreed Lanky. "It was like someone had been waiting for him somewhere."
___"Did you see anyone?"
___"No! I looked up and down the road, but there was no-one."
___"No cars passing by, that might've seen something?" Jeff asked.
___"I didn't think a car could see anything," Marty remarked.
___"You know what I mean," Randall replied with bad humour.
___"I don't think so," Stocky told him. "I certainly didn't notice any cars."
___"Well, if you think of anything..." Jeff considered handing over a business card, but changed his mind. He wasn't quite sure how this pair would feel about being interviewed by a private eye. He took a pencil and piece of paper from his pocket and scrawled the office phone number on that. "Contact us on this number."

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